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SCRYPTEDDREAMS is an online publication that showcases game development articles, tutorials, and news, from writers all over the world.


SCRYPTEDDREAMS was initially created as a way to give back to the game development community and help new developers learn new things. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to expand our reach beyond just new developers. We’re looking for anyone passionate about game development, programming, coding, etc. and wants a place to showcase their work!

Few things to keep in mind before you submit an article:

  1. Content is unique, detailed, informative and has not been published elsewhere
  2. Content is written with an engaging tone, easily read by new beginners
  3. Content does not infringe on copyright and attributes sources correctly
  4. Content does not duplicate links and only uses promo links
  5. Content is accompanied with a blurb for social shares and bio for yourself

Please do not submit an article if your content is relatable to the following things

  1. Copied and plagiarized content
  2. Content involved in link building schemes
  3. Anything breaching Google Blogger Content Policy
  4. Over critical or over promotion of commercial/personal entities
  5. Repeat submissions of the same article

Please keep in mind

  1. Content will need to meet our policies before being published
  2. Content published on fadedmix.com can not be re-published or mirrored elsewhere
  3. Content can be edited, updated or deleted by fadedmix at any time
  4. Content can be accompanied with ads, downloadable content or resold
  5. Content author is responsible for copyright or trademark infringement

Process for Submitting Your Post

  1. Email contact@fadedmix.com
  2. Attach completed article in word document
  3. Add blurb for social shares
  4. Short personal bio with no more than three links
  5. Include image files for fadedmix post, and social sharing (optional)

Please make sure

• All outbound links will be set to ‘no follow’.
• All posts must be at least 400 words
• All infographic posts must be at least 300 words of original text.
• Publishing time can vary from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on where it can fit in our blog schedule.
• Submit 3 to 4 headlines if possible

Want to Write a Sponsored Post?

Want to write a post about your business, product, or service? Codeburst also offers sponsored posts with premium placements. Send an email to: brandon [at] codeburst.io from your company email account for more information.

What’s the fine print?

  • You retain all rights to your writing.
  • You can remove your writing at any time (although we’re looking for writers that want to stick around for the long term!).
  • We wont edit/change any of the text or images in your articles unless you ask us to (grammatical help, formatting help, etc.).
  • We will add the following image/text to the footer of some articles. You’re welcome to have your own call to action as well: